February 22, 2010

Ryslinge Folk High School in Denmark. Your idea is our project!

Ryslinge Folk High School is a project-oriented school and our philosophy is that you will come here with an idea for a project, and throughout your stay you will work and grow with that idea – both professionally and personally. A stay here is a journey from an idea or a dream towards a goal. No matter where you are in life, what you want, and where you wish to go, we will help you get there. The only requirement is that you have an idea for a project and the will to reach your aim.

Your project is individually defined – only you know exactly what your dreams are. At Ryslinge we believe that all people have something to offer. Our job is to provide you with the opportunity to realise your dreams. Maybe you want to write, or sing. Maybe you want to arrange a big concert or an art exhibition. Together we will make your ideas reality. We do not make projects for fun, but conceptualise, develop, and execute genuine, professional projects.

Your project

The principal focus at Ryslinge is project course The class covers project development and management, how to plan and schedule, financing, and market analysis as well as motivation training and workshops on the art of giving and receiving critique. The teaching is based on lectures as well as open dialogue between competent, highly skilled people, passionate about an idea and with much knowledge and experience.

Moreover, you will receive personal instruction on your project. Once or twice a week, you will meet up with your project supervisor, who will assist you in analysing, describing, and developing your project, help you with the planning of the project, and guide you through the process of executing your plan.

At Ryslinge, we also offer the following courses:

•Primary courses: Photography or the USA
•Sports and the Outdoors
•Culture classes
Before or on your arrival you will choose a primary course (Photography or the USA). All classes at Ryslinge are taught in Danish and English, except the course on the USA, which is an international class, taught in English only. In other words, Danish skills are not required to attend the school.

Nice to know

•You can choose between courses of 8 or 19 weeks
•Most students stay at the school in the weekends, but trips home or elsewhere are ok
•All students will go on a study trip to one of Europe’s big cities
•Guests are welcome for shorter stays
•Room prices:
◦Singles ensuite: Dkr 1475/week
◦Doubles ensuite: Dkr 1220/week
•The price includes tuition, room and board
•The price excludes the study trip of Dkr 2500
•Wireless internet access everywhere, including your room
•Ryslinge Folk High School is situated on Fyn, only a short distance from the expressway between Odense and Svendborg
•Train connections to Ringe, 4 kilometres from the school
•The bus across the road from the school will take you to Ringe, Odense or Svendborg
•If you have further questions, call us at + 45 29 88 10 20
Who can apply?

We accept and welcome students of all nationalities.

The only requirements are sufficient English skills and a min. age of 17½ upon arrival.

Cirius scholarships:

For students from the new EU countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania), it is possible to apply for scholarships. For more information, see http://en.ciriusonline.dk/grants-and-scholarships/folk-high-school-grants, or contact us for further details.

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