February 11, 2011

World Thinking Day on Twitter and Facebook!

We call Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to use the potential of social media and promote World Thinking Day through Twitter and Facebook!

With the help of Girl Guides of Canada, we are trying to get the hashtag #WTD11 listed as one of the most discussed topics on Twitter next 22 February. If we get #WTD11 listed as a trend that day, we could raise our profile and get more and more people interested in what Girl Guides and Girls Scouts do. To make it a trend we need lots of people talking about us but they also have to be spread all over the world.

That’s why we are asking all our followers on Twitter to tweet #WTD11 that day. For those on twitter, you can follow the WAGGGS page and retweet us: http://twitter.com/#!/WAGGGS_WORLD

If you are on facebook, we are also asking members to put: “I’m thinking of World Thinking Day” as their status on 22 February.

Please do help us spread the word about these two initiatives!

1 comment:

  1. Karcum em shat lav mitq e u sa evs kogni mez gravel mardkanc ushadrutyun@ depi mer kazmakerputyun...
    “I’m thinking of World Thinking Day” uxaki ogtagorceq dzer status-um.