February 13, 2012

International Skype badge swapping with York UK

Hello From Girl Guiding UK - North East England - York!

York City is hosting a Thinking Day Celebration on Wednesday 22nd February. I am organising an international badge swap over Skype and I wondered if you knew anyone who might be interested in taking part?

This is how it works:

You will need access to skype and a webcam.
You will be given a time between 6pm and 7.30pm UK time for Wednesday 22nd February, where I will contact you on Skype. Then you will play rock, paper, scissors with a UK Rainbow/Brownie/Guide so there is some interaction and then you can swap a badge.
The UK Guides will place a badge down to take part and all the badges given for your time on skype will be posted to you. I would then like you to post the badges you want to swap to me so I can post them to the Guide units in the UK that took part.

What I would like from you:

If you know someone who is interested in having a go, they can be a leader or a guide, can you send them this email and ask them to email me back with:

Their name, roughly where they live, their age, there skype address and the number of badges they would like to swap.

I will then contact them directly with my postal address and skype contact details and arrange a time for them to skype on the day.

If you have any questions please email me back

thank you!

Yours in Guiding